These beautifully illustrated maps have been created in mapping sessions across Cornwall in the first half of 2016.

We know things change and move and that there are constantly new things happening and being created so what these maps do, is give a flavour of some of the things you can do in Cornwall. We think you’ll agree that they certainly back up our assertion that Cornwall is open 365 days a year – and that there’s something to do on every one of those days. And these don’t even include the amazing events that take place every day – visit our events listing site for this information.

We worked with artist Keith Sparrow to capture the ideas and suggestions put forward by the people who attended our sessions. The sessions were open to anyone in the tourism industry or culture sector.

Below is our guide to getting the most out of the maps

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Notes on file formats and their uses.

Please note that the lo-res map downloads are optimised for screen use and are not recommended for printed reproduction. The maps are provided in 2 file types, .jpg and .pdf. For printed reproduction we recommend using the PDF format, if you have trouble viewing the PDF file you can also download a high or low resolution jpg which should be readable by most computers. For more information on viewing PDF files and to download Adobe Reader – a free PDF viewer please click here »