#HalfWeekHabit Number 1: Experience Cornish Culture

Thanks to the talents and efforts of our brilliant creative sector and our colleagues at FEAST who are commissioning new digital content through their Re-ignition fund, Cornwall 365 What’s On is now brimming with new digital experiences and performances.  Our Week Ahead newsletter brings you a range of new ways to engage with distinctive cultural experiences all from the comfort and safety of your own home.  Of course we miss the atmosphere, the interactivity and the ice cream at the interval or the gift shop but the positive thing about going online is that we can easily explore experiences that might have been out of our reach due to accessibility, geography or time.

As well as our listings, you will find links to cultural and community venues, museums and galleries so if lockdown means extra time on your hands, now is your chance to dig a little deeper and uncover some of Cornwall’s cultural treasures.  And why not share your new knowledge with your networks and business audiences.  Visitors who are longing to travel to Cornwall can feel engaged through your recommendations and local audiences will love your tenacity and connectedness.

Next week we will be looking at travel.  Could you share ideas about how your new travel habits could become a way of life?  If you have a half week habit to share please get in touch: info@cornwall365.com

twitter: @Cornwall_365



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