A collection of finished clay cups

Halfweek Habit #7 Building a Community from Clay

This week ceramicist Jacqueline Clark describes her Make a Cup project that has brought enrichment and creativity to her local […]


Halfweek Habit #6 Speak Cornish

Us hanter-seythen Kows Kernewek This week is Speak Cornish Week and we are delighted to have a halfweek habit from […]


Halfweek Habit #5 Climate Conscious Collaboration

Amy Woodburn shares the uplifting story of creative collaboration as she and fellow songwriter Lizzie Freeborn overcame the challenges of […]


Halfweek Habit #4 Digital Fieldwork

Through our work on the Tin Coast Project we have been working alongside and admiring the work of Penwith Landscape […]


Halfweek Habit #3: Zero Carbon Time Travel

Cornwall Museums’ Partnership’s Engagement Lead, Celine Elliot has found an interactive resource to help her and her family to discover […]


#HalfweekHabit Number 2: The Daily Walk

  Krowji Marketing and Events Co-ordinator, Rosie Leo takes up the Halfweek Habit baton sharing how a daily walk has […]


#HalfWeekHabit Number 1: Experience Cornish Culture

Thanks to the talents and efforts of our brilliant creative sector and our colleagues at FEAST who are commissioning new […]


Introducing the Half Week Habit

As we think about Cornwall’s visitor economy and how to build back better when we re-open, we are inspired by […]


A message to our Cornwall 365 Network from Director Fiona Wotton: At Cornwall 365 we spend a lot of time […]


Volume or Value? Complex sustainability and Cultural Tourism

Dalgeldh po talvosogeth? Sostenadewder komplek ha Tornyaseth Wonisogethel This year Cornwall 365 Director, Fiona Wotton has been part of a life-changing  cultural […]


Sustainable September: Eco tips to make your event greener!

This month is Sustainable September at Cornwall 365, and we are exploring eco focused venues, events, and sustainable tourism. Lots […]


New Cornwall Walking Guide

Jen and Sim Benson’s new book features 20 coastal and moorland routes around Cornwall. Day Walks in Cornwall, a new […]

Creative Kernow, based at Krowji, is the umbrella organisation for the following nine projects. Together we support the production, promotion and distribution of work by creative practitioners in Cornwall because we believe in creativity's transformative power and want more people to benefit from it.
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