Tender for the Redesign of the Cornwall Museums Partnership Brand and Website

Cornwall Museums Partnership,  strongly believe in our values and so we are looking to create a brand which reflects this. Looking to the future, we want to be able to showcase our brand and for it to be recognised locally as well as nationally. To do so, we require a complete rehaul of our logo as well as the CMP brand in general. What we are looking for is someone to bring together who we are as a charity, what we believe in with regards to our values and create a brand which reflects this. Since CMP first began back in 2015, we have evolved into a more dynamic and bold charity, and we want a brand which reflects our evolution and keeps up to date with who we currently are and our ambitions for the future.

As with our brand, we feel our website is not living up to where CMP currently stands as an organisation. Our current website does not represent our values and so we want to completely pick apart our current website and turn it into a platform which will demonstrate who we are, what we do and what we provide.

In keeping with our brand, we would aspire to have a website that showcases the best of CMP as well as being user friendly and easy to navigate. We desire a clear and bold homepage with excellent navigation to key aspects of the site. The website is where we will hold all of our information, guidance, support and resources so simple, intuitive navigation will be vital.

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