March 2018’s Ambassador of the Month: Paul Simmons

March has arrived and we’re so happy to have owner and principal guide of walkitcornwall, Paul Simmons as our Ambassador of the Month. He’s got a passion for exploring and has been leading walking holidays, hiking treks and tours for fifteen years and walking Cornwall’s South West Coast Path for even longer. With a keen interest in discovering and sharing Cornwall’s unique cultural heritage, we couldn’t wait to hear about his favourite destinations and experiences.

1. Name / name of business / whereabouts in Cornwall are you based?

Paul Simmons/ walkitcornwall/ Penryn

2. What have you done to promote Cornwall’s heritage and culture?

Tell the many stories and share the many unique layers of Cornwall from the geology, Celtic stories, maritime, mining, fishing and farming, the diaspora, the art and language, all of which reveal why Cornwall is so special.

3. What has been your most useful Cornwall 365 experience or tool?

Meeting up with everyone involved within the group who are passionate about Cornwall.

4. Best experience you’ve experienced (in Cornwall)

Too many, but in my day to day work seeing Cornwall change, season by season, at a pedestrian pace. It’s the best way to see Cornwall.

5. The family taken care of. The business is taken care of. What is your perfect day & evening in Cornwall?

Sunrises and sunsets, and some wonderful scenery in between, with Cornish sourced food and drink and some good conversation.

Snowy Sunset, Cornwall

6. You have free tickets to the performance of your choice. Who would you take with you (living or dead)?

I’m lucky to work in nature and music and I love my family. So David Attenborough, Paul Simon and my Dad (who died when I was 15 so I’d like to get to know him).

7. Most unusual performance space you have been to?

Scary Little Girls came to Falmouth to do walks with performances in the cemetery, bus shelter, pub and garden amongst others. Inspiring stories and locations. A must see!

8. Best live music venue in Cornwall

When it was around nothing beat the vibe and class of The Nightjar in Truro. Now? The Old Bakery.

9. Your favourite walk?

You’re asking a guide to choose one? Okay, The South West Coast Path 630 miles ascent and descent totaling four times the height of Everest.

10. Best place in Cornwall to get food?

Anywhere at the end of a days walk. Food tastes best after a good yomp.

11. Name one, really different excursion

Any walk that is in the dead of night, away from light pollution, with the arm of the Milky Way above your head. It’s humbling to see so many stars. Magic!

12. What’s your 2nd best kept secret about Cornwall?

Making sure I don’t tell you the 1st best kept secret… There are no secrets in Cornwall. I can’t keep them as I show people around the best “secrets” to be seen in Cornwall.

13. If not Cornwall, where?

Dartmoor and the Greek islands.

14. If you feel there is a question we haven’t asked you that you would love to answer – go ahead!

Best writers about walking? Rebecca Solnit, Frederic Gros, Robert MacFarlane, Tristan Gooley and Richard Mabey for a start.


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