Tin Coast Partnership Events Commission

Cornwall 365 & the Tin Coast Partnership are looking to commission events to take place from September 2020 to March 2021 in the Tin Coast area.

We would like to see a variety of events that engage with both the community and visitors to the area. There is £20,000 of investment available across the events programme, and we are inviting community groups, producers and local businesses to submit their proposals to be considered for commission.

Tell Us About Your Event 

Proposals can be written documents, short films, a recorded presentation, or whatever medium you choose.

Please include the following information in your proposal:
• The date of your event.
• How many people you anticipate will attend/be involved.
• If the event is a one-off or you are planning multiple events.
• A budget including event income and expenditure. The Tin Coast can provide £500-£2,000 potential investment per event.
• Relevant information about yourself/organisation.
• How your event will reflect the aims of the Visitor Charter where applicable (see below)

Proposals will need to be sent to Bethany Lyne at bethany@cornwall365.org.uk by 30 June for consideration. If you need any additional information or support please get in touch using the above email address. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

Due to ongoing COVID-19 limitations, there is flexibility to run events outside of the September – March window, especially if there are multiple dates for one event. Ideally most events should take place in low or shoulder seasons. We will consider digital/online events as well as live/in person events, adhering to the latest Government guidelines and advice on social distancing etc.

Visitor Charter
When planning your event, we would like following aims from the Visitor Charter to be considered:
• How does your event respect, benefit and support residents and the local community?
• How does your event consider and protect wildlife and our natural and marine environment?
• How does this activity value, respond sensitively to, and reflect what makes the Tin Coast special and distinct (e.g. heritage, history, culture, and future)?
• What is the long term plan to sustain this activity?

The Visitor Charter is a guide to help visitors make a positive impact on the Tin Coast, whilst making the most of their visit. Click here to find out more

About the Tin Coast
The Tin Coast, the area of West Penwith around St. Just, Pendeen and Morvah, has received funding from the Coastal Communities Fund, to help the local area plan for tourism in a way that supports the local economy, is respectful of the community, values the local landscape, history, wildlife, culture and looks at a better transport solution for all.

Image: Lafrowda

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