#HalfweekHabit Number 2: The Daily Walk


Krowji Marketing and Events Co-ordinator, Rosie Leo takes up the Halfweek Habit baton sharing how a daily walk has renewed a passion for her hometown.

Before the lockdown I had some big plans for the year (prompted by a milestone birthday in June) so much of that list has been put on hold, including an attempt to walk the Cornish coast path in sections at weekends – weather permitting of course. I’d only managed to complete Land’s End to the Lizard before the restrictions, so once I got past my disappointment – and new found appreciation for my general health and fortunate circumstances – I decided to try and make the best of the situation by focusing on achieving a daily walk.. I’ve always enjoyed walking but now my 5pm post-work walks have become something of a ritual. I’ve discovered new paths and new places, but I’ve also walked the same route over and over – it’s different every time and I appreciate it on these precious daily exercise excursions more than I ever did before. My walks have been a great way to have a screen break, calm my mind and fall in love with the place I live with new eyes. I’ve been recording the small details I’d usually miss and the views that make me pause, as a reminder that there are still plenty of little everyday joys to be found!

“There is still a lot to discover from my doorstep”

I think the prospect of having things like outdoor activities restricted, even if not entirely taken off the table, has been enough for me to become even more grateful for them and this incredible place we call home. It’s been a reminder not to take that for granted and made me realise there is still a lot to discover from my doorstep. Perhaps my first thought on a weekend shouldn’t always be to jump in my car in search of bigger adventures…

I’ve really enjoyed planning new walks and reading what other people have written about them – there’s some good resources online as well as plenty of books although easy to get overwhelmed with information before you set-off. Even just reading people’s personal blogs has been helpful – it’s nice to have a heads up about the sections which get muddy! I suppose I’m lucky that I’m struggling to think of any barriers – other than a working week and commute which can get in the way of getting outdoors sometimes!

Try to be a tourist in your own town

I feel like there’s a shift towards “micro-adventures” happening which seems positive, the idea that you don’t always need to hop in a car or on a plane to have those same feelings of excitement, anticipation and discovery. I think there’s a benefit to trying to be a tourist in your own town, or nearby places, every now and again – to seek out the best bits or the bits you haven’t explored yet. It’s more about your sense of adventure and attitude to a place than the need to travel a long way to get there…

 It has been a real eye-opener for me on how much my social calendar revolves around events, gatherings, festivals – something we are totally spoilt with an abundance of in Cornwall. My social media accounts are constantly presenting me with ‘archive’ photos, of the events I was at this time last year or have attended for many years in a row! Whatever form they are able to take in future I can’t wait to get involved again.  The International Sea Shanty Festival in Falmouth is a particular favourite of mine!

To see more of Rosie’s photography seek out her Instagram account:  @notesfrompenryn

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