Introducing Cornwall 365

In 2007 I experienced a life-changing piece of performance.  It was Souterrain by Wildworks – Cornwall’s internationally renowned site-specific theatre makers.  I went without really knowing what to expect, where exactly to find it and whether it was going to be worth the long round trip on a “school” night.

We had to circle the disused Dolcoath mine in Camborne several times before finding the right place to park and my plus-one was beginning to think I had imagined the whole thing. It turned out to be an evening of extreme emotional highs and lows with the colour, humour and jollity of party scenes contrasted with heartbreak, grief and loss.  So engrossed in the action was I, that when the London to Penzance train passed by in the fading evening light, it seemed so completely alien it was like some kind of apparition or special effect.  The performance became my gateway into an enduring love and appreciation of Cornwall’s mining history, a fascination with the myths and legends of Cornwall (which the story of Orpheus and Eurydice echoed) and an obsession with seeking out cultural events in unexpected places.   Not just theatre but secret festivals, hidden artworks, long lost stories of ghostly miners and basement bars bursting with musical talent.  I have discovered that there is no shortage of exciting happenings here – the challenge lies in finding them.

fiona blog profileMy obsession has now become my profession. Cornwall 365 is an ambitious programme which aims to raise the profile of creative and cultural happenings taking place in Cornwall throughout the year.  As holiday and leisure time becomes more and more precious, visitors and residents need help in finding those experiences they will love so much that they want to do it again and shout about to their friends.  One way to make this happen is to increase word of mouth recommendations from trusted sources.  Tourism businesses – accommodation, food and drink, tour guides, sports and retail – can help to take away the risk for visitors wanting to try something new by providing honest, reliable information about what is available locally.  The businesses not only have the insider facts on what, where, how much and where to park, they can make genuine recommendations because they have experienced it themselves.  We are building a network of tourism and culture businesses who regularly talk to one another, promote one another and look for opportunities to partner each other.  Part of the conversation involves offering cultural experiences to members of our network – our Culture Club – including guided walks, back stage tours, performance and concert tickets and exhibition previews. Through promoting first hand experiences and opportunities to meet like-minded, proactive businesses we aim to build a dynamic network of passionate Cultural Ambassadors who can both help to uncover and direct audiences to the wealth of culture on offer.

If you are looking for distinctive and exciting things to do – or to direct visitors, friends and family to in Cornwall, our Happenings pages will give you the lowdown on a host of cultural events and attractions taking place all year round.  Our In the Know blog will feature recommendations, reviews, previews, tourism industry insight and other gems you won’t find in a guidebook from a wide range of experts, insiders and members of our Culture Club. More tools will be added soon so keep checking back.  Our monthly newsletter is the best way to keep up-to-date – sign up here.  And we would love to hear from you about how Cornwall’s culture has surprised you, sparked a new interest or passion or taken you on a life-changing journey.

Do you have a Cornish creative adventure to share?  Would you like to guest blog for us? We welcome contributions from cultural producers, tourism businesses, artists, writers, community organisers and anyone with a passion for culture.  Please contact

About the Author

Fiona is the Cornwall 365 Programme Manager. She re-located to Cornwall to work for Tate St Ives and now lives in the far west of Cornwall with her husband and two children. Fiona’s perfect family day out would be soaking up the atmosphere at one of Cornwall’s many local festivals, learning a new creative skill or tramping and storytelling along the Mining World Heritage coastline.

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