Tinth Anniversary Events | Cornish Mining World Heritage Site

2016 marks the 10th anniversary of the Cornish Mining World Heritage Site and this summer their Tinth Anniversary programme celebrates a decade of global recognition. There is an exciting variety of events focusing on Cornwall and west Devon’s world-changing industrial innovations. With so much going on there’s something for everyone to enjoy! Here’s a list of highlights; find out more from the Tinth anniversary events page and our Cornwall 365 Happenings listings.


TIN the movie – open air cinema

28 April – 09 September 2016

The feature film version of Miracle Theatre’s critically acclaimed stage production, based on real life events surrounding a banking scandal in the mining community of St Just in the 1890s. For venues and booking visit Miracle Theatre at: www.tinmovie.com


Trevithick! starring Kernow King

12 May – 07 August 2016

A biographical comedy that will light a fire in your bellies, bring joy to your heart and set your brain whirring like a four way valve on a steam engine. This is the true story of a man who was as much artist and magician as he was an engineer – one of Cornwall, and the Industrial Revolution’s, greatest sons. Come and find out how much we owe to his genius.

For venues and bookings, see the Trevithick! website.


The ZigZag Way

23 May – 07 July 2016

A powerful story of mining and migration, and the coming together of two entirely different cultures through the movement of a Cornish mining community to Mexico in the 19th century, The Zig Zag Way weaves a story through cultures and across time to paint a picture of love, revolution and sacrifice. This gripping tale brings you story-telling at its most colourful, visual and touching.

For further information please see: http://trebigganproductions.com and for booking, please go to: http://www.collectivearts.org.uk


Picturing the Mines

26 May – 14 July 2016

Nationally renowned print makers and artists Jesse Smith and Bernard Irwin host one-day events in each of the ten World Heritage areas, where they will be imaginatively mapping the layered histories and landscapes of our mining heritage. See their amazing maps taking shape, eroding and reforming over the day as you share stories, memories, film and soundscapes.

More information from the Cornwall Mining WHS website.


The Trench at Levant Mine

01 July – 10 July 2016

This theatrical experience will simulate life in the trenches using an area of ‘No Man’s Land’ landscape at Levant Mine.  Audience members will become participants who ‘enlist’ and are given a real identity, taken to the trenches and discover for themselves the realities of life on the Western Front and the build up to going over the top.

The experience will culminate in the mess tent, where participants will discover the real-life fate of their assigned character in a fascinating exhibition curated by the National Trust.

Find out More: http://www.collectivearts.org.uk/project/the-trench/



25 July – 6 August 2016

The largest puppet ever made in the UK, living proof that Cornwall is still home to world class engineering! The 10 metre high steam-powered giant will travel the length of the Cornish Mining Landscape over the course of two weeks, with celebratory events at each resting point. No-one but his creators knows what he looks like. Come see for yourself and be amazed!


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