These beautifully illustrated maps have been created in mapping sessions across Cornwall with communities and artist Keith Sparrow

Alive with creative feats and cultural events, Cornwall has something for every day, every weather, everyone. But dig a little deeper, wander a little further, and you’ll uncover so much more.
Enjoy these maps as we celebrate the fresh, the classic and the yet to be discovered of Cornish life. Get to know the fun, the scary, the delicious and the ambitious.

These maps have been created into a beautiful coffee table book. With tracing paper overlaying each map, you can personalise your own copy – which you can buy from here 

For events and activities, visit our What’s On website


Below is our guide to getting the most out of the maps

  • Why not send a digital or printed version with each guest booking confirmation
  • Print one off for your guests on arrival
  • Draw all over it with your own suggestions
  • Collect used ones as part of a Visitor Book service, asking guests to make their own suggestions
  • Upload the one of your area onto your website
  • Use to help create unique itineraries and suggestions for your guests. For example, 10 things to do in a 10 mile radius or a 10 mile travel time
  • Get to know the map really well and visit the places so you have 1st hand experience and show how knowledgeable and connected you are
  • If you have a team working for you, involve them with the map and encourage them to talk to the guests with ideas and suggestions of their own
  • Tell us, use social media to show-off how you use your maps. A bit Cream Egg stylee – ‘How do you use yours?’ #Howdoyouuseyours
  •  Involve the children – these maps are a great way for children to have input into the holiday or weekend itinerary (if you want that input, that is)

We politely request the following

  • Please retain all logos and credits
  • Please do not play around with or alter the maps in anyway
  • Please do not reproduce or turn into merchandise

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. For more information see here.

Notes on file formats and their uses.

Please note that the lo-res map downloads are optimised for screen use and are not recommended for printed reproduction. The maps are provided in 2 file types, .jpg and .pdf. For printed reproduction we recommend using the PDF format, if you have trouble viewing the PDF file you can also download a high or low resolution jpg which should be readable by most computers. For more information on viewing PDF files and to download Adobe Reader – a free PDF viewer please click here »

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