Ashton Wadey

June 2017’s Ambassador of the Month: Ashton Wadey

A multi-talented surf videographer, Ashton is rarely found out of the water, but we managed to catch him on dry land for a chat! Read our interview below to find out what he does and how he gets stuck into Cornwall’s culture – plus some favourite places and top tips!


1. Name / name of business / whereabouts in Cornwall are you based?

Ashton Wadey – The Surf and Skate Lab, LostBoyz Surfboards & A.P.E House Media based in Newquay.

2. What have you done to promote Cornwall’s heritage and culture?

Including Cornwall as a major feature of my surf documentary “Breaking Through” and showcasing the talent and commitment of the surf athletes that live in Cornwall and the beautiful beaches and waves we have. As well as promoting and documenting the fantastic festivals Cornwall has to offer including Boardmasters, Electric Beach Festival and many professional Surf Events located on our beaches. Here at The Surf and Skate Lab we work with young local surf and skate athletes, promoting and giving them opportunities to excel their talent both in Cornwall and beyond. We also work with local film companies and film makers to show the talent of local film makers by doing film screenings and events here in Newquay throughout the summer.

Surf and Skate Lab Cornwall

3. What has been your most useful Cornwall 365 experience or tool?

The promotion of local film makers and screening films with Carn to Cove are amazing events promoting local talent and showing the local youth there are great opportunities available to them.

4. Best experience you’ve experienced

Working with local youth, film makers, athletes and musicians on events and festivals in Cornwall. Or simply spending time in the water around our coastline, swimming and surfing with the incredible wildlife and experiencing this awesome environment.

5. The family are taken care of. The business is taken care of. What is your perfect day & evening in Cornwall?

My perfect evening would be taking the van and driving to one of our amazing beaches with friends and family, to surf perfect waves, watch our awe inspiring sunsets and cook fresh local food on an open fire.

Sam Tooth Skate - 180 Ollie 5

6. Most unusual performance space you have been to?

Throughout the summer here in Newquay, locals descend on to the beaches in the evenings having small friendly gatherings in the local beach caves, with live music, local artists and fires. This has to be the best venue in Cornwall for anything!

7. Best live music venue in Cornwall

Again local beaches and caves are the best, but for official venues places like The Watering Hole in Perranporth is amazing.

The Watering Hole Perranporth

8. Your favourite walk?

Down by the Lizard is a pretty amazing place to be, maybe the beautiful walk down to Godrevy Beach is pretty special to me.

9. Best place in Cornwall to get food?

I love small local cafes and restaurants around Cornwall, so places like the Beached Lamb Cafe or Little Italy Pizza I would have to say are the best places for both food and atmosphere.

10. Name one, really different excursion

There are a few special beaches towards Lands End that a few friends and I like to go to when things get crowded in the summer. They are always really great mini trips!

11. What’s your 2nd best kept secret about Cornwall?

We have some of the best surf in the world on its day here in Cornwall. But I can’t tell you where, that’s a secret…

14. If not Cornwall, where?

I cant think of anywhere better in the world really, but Ireland is beautiful, Or Hawaii…


See some of Ashton’s work, and find out what he’s up to next:

Surf and Skate Lab on Facebook: @TheSurfandSkateLab
Surf and Skate Lab on Instagram: @thesurfandskatelab

A.P.E House Media on Facebook: @jwpmedia
A.P.E House Media on Instagram: @apehousemedia

LostBoyz Surfboards on Instagram: @lostboyzsurfboards

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