June 2019’s Ambassador of the Month:

Keith Sparrow

This month we’d like to welcome Keith Sparrow as our Cultural Ambassador for June. Keith is renowned in Cornwall for his artistic talents, as a freelance artist, writer and performer he is involved in many different projects. You may have seen him touring with Story Republic and Coppice Theatre or even been to one of his manga workshops at The Writers’ Block. Keith also designed Cornwall 365’s lovely Find & Seek Books. Read on to find out more about his work and favourite places in Cornwall…

  1. Name/name of business/ whereabouts in Cornwall are you based?

    Keith Sparrow. Freelance artist, writer and performer. Based in Truro.

  2. What have you done to promote Cornwall’s heritage and culture?

    I guess there’s quite a few things that might fall into that category. Ones that spring to mind: Co-writing and directing an opera for all ages based on the story of the Mermaid of Zennor.  Creating Cornish-based manga stories on the work of astronomer John Couch Adams and engineer Richard Trevithick (the former is currently on exhibit at the Royal Cornwall Museum). Performing Cornish songs, poems and stories all over Cornwall with The Story Republic. Writing and performing poetry about Truronian legend Samuel Foote. Illustrating a series of cultural maps of Cornwall for C365. Creating a series of artworks about former Trelissick House owner and female MP, Ida Copeland. There’s probably more but that’ll do!

  3. What has been your most useful Cornwall 365 experience or tool?

    The Cultural Canapes in London was a really useful event for meeting other businesses, representatives etc. C365 is a great hub for the arts in Cornwall generally, and the What’s On guide is indispensable!

  4. Best experience you’ve had in Cornwall?

    I think Kneehigh’s Dead Dog in a Suitcase was one, seeing Jeffrey Lewis in Miss Peapods (now Muddy Beach Cafe) in Penryn, seeing Will Oldham in The Acorn Penzance, and seeing Jeffrey Lewis again in Mono in Falmouth certainly stand out.

  5. The family taken care of. The business is taken care of. What is your perfect day & evening in Cornwall?

    I like a mooch down the Old High Street in Falmouth, a film at the Poly followed by a drink in Beerwolf and maybe a pizza at Stables overlooking Custom House Quay. Always enjoy that immensely.

  6. You have free tickets to the performance of your choice. Who would you take with you (living or dead)?

    Can I take David Bowie? Just so I can say ‘yeah, me and Dave went to see…’. Or Jurgen Klopp. I love him and i don’t even support Liverpool.

  7. Most unusual performance space you have been to?

    There’s lots of unusual places in Cornwall to perform, but I did like performing on the beach at Trebah Gardens with cscape’s the Venus Flower. Oh, and doing poetry at the old Fish Factory in Newlyn, standing next to a fish smoker. It’s a lovely cinema and cafe now but was an amazing venue before too.

  8. Best live music venue in Cornwall?

    I used to love Mono in Falmouth. Had some good nights at Princess Pavilion too.

  9. Your favourite walk?

    Along the cliffs at St Agnes, by Wheal Coates in September. It’s where I fell in love with the sea. And Cornwall actually.

  10. Best place in Cornwall to get food?

    I’m no gourmand, but i always like eating at Hubbox in Truro. Nice decor, nice staff, nice vibe, and the food is always perfect for me. My local pub in Truro, the Thomas Daniell is pretty good too. The Hidden Hut at Portscatho is great on a nice day. They do great soups.

  11. Name one really different excursion.

    Going to Comicon in London. Not that different if you’re mad about comics like me, but hey.

  12. What’s your 2nd best kept secret about Cornwall?

    There’s a cave on the North Coast where I keep a barrel full of Curly Wurly’s, in case of WW3. I’m not telling you where though. Apart from that, Enjoy in Truro had an amazing cafe called Megaloft that nobody seemed to know about. Last time I looked it was shut down so maybe I should have shouted about it more!

  13. If not Cornwall, where?

    In the UK? Bristol. In the World? Bregenz, Austria.

  14. If you feel there is a question we haven’t asked you that you would love to answer – go ahead!

    Who was your favourite inker on Jack Kirby? Frank Giacoia or mid-period Joe Sinnott.


(C) Images Steve Tanner, Thom Axon, Nick Moodie and John Freddy Jones




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