Magnificent Miracle's 'Magnificent Three'

I think you all know by now that we’re big fans of Miracle Theatre – their ethos and sense of humour really appeals to the Classic Cottages sensibility and so we continue to support them in any way we can. And they never disappoint.


This summer’s offering is a spaghetti western style extravaganza of crazy characters, each portrayed in the Miracle teams inimitable and unique way. Take Ben Dyson, for example, whose ad-libbing always brings an endearing charm to the most maleficent of characters, or Ciaran Clarke’s always believable portrayals see him seamlessly transform from one character to another without cause for question. Ben Kernow makes himself more than loveable and the girls are just as good, with Rebecca Rowe leading the sing-songs and Hannah Stephen’s enthusiastic ‘Mexican’ impersonation leaving you wanting more. I can’t give away too much about Catherine Lake’s character(s) but she doesn’t disappoint.

Photo Credit: Kirstin Prisk

Photo Credit: Kirstin Prisk

On arriving at Trebah Garden’s on a balmy June evening, we stopped at the cafe for refreshments before meandering our way through the upper garden paths to their purpose-built amphitheatre, the Miracle stage saloon a teaser of what was to come – their sets go from strength to strength with each show. How do they fit it all in one van? As recommended by the website (and past experience!) we’d brought cushions and coverings along with a little picnic to settle in with and got comfy on the back row (their acoustics are first rate, so we didn’t struggle to hear). And then the music started.

Without giving too much away, the scene is set in the Hope Springs saloon, complete with swinging saloon door, quick-draw gun slinging and the promised double-cross-dressin’. Times are bad for the locals, and hope looks to be running dry, but for the efforts of The Magnificent Three! Will they save the day? You’ll certainly have a thigh-slappingly good time along the way.

SAM_4520     SAM_4542

‘A great evening out – take cushions, blankets and a picnic and enjoy a really funny show that appeals to all ages. Lots of laugh out loud moments  and a great atmosphere; well worth watching.’ Deborah Kingsley-Tubbs

The most exciting bit of course (not that we’re biased!) is the magnificent return of the Classic Couch. Fill out the Classic postcard at the start of the show and you and your posse could be sittin’ pretty on the best seat in the west if you win the nightly prize draw. Come sit your britches down in style on our favourite inflatable and enjoy your Miracle bellyaching in comfort on the front row, courtesy of Classic Cottages.


Miracle are exploring the (wild) West Country til the end of August so spread the word and check their website for when they’ll be sidling through a swinging door near you… We whole-heartedly recommend it.

The Magnificent Three in the South West

written by Katie Chown from Classic Cottages

‘Katie is editor, copywriter and content generator for Classic Cottages, bringing all things interesting in the West Country to the visiting masses’

She is also a HUGE fan of Miracle Theatre

Main image photo credit Kirstin Prisk

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